Corpers Hangout Season 1

Corpers Hangout Season 1

The 9th of February 2019, turned out a huge blessing for a selected few Corpers in Keffi, Nassarawa State. These set of determined and resourceful individuals were engaged in a soft skills acquisition Hangout.

They were given practical coaching on:
On the Skill of Assertiveness
Career Development
Critical Thinking
Complex Problem-Solving.

At the end of the day, we were quite certain, that assets have been made of mere graduates. Need we say, that these skill sets are just a tip of the iceberg and merely a fraction of what we have to offer. The objective is to revamp the labor market and create employers of labor.

We can and will totally achieve this, one person at a time. Help us help you prepare for the future by signing up to our Corpers Mentorship Platform

Our mentors are waiting to guide you through the future at no cost.

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