Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the training and mentorship program supposed to last?

This is a ninety (90) days training and mentorship program; however the training not expected to be on a daily basis. Modules or webinars are once or twice a week.

At what point will I be paired with a mentor?

Pairing with a Mentor will take place after you have signed up and have chosen an appropriate track (Career or Entrepreneurship track). This will occur within 48hours after sign up.

Can I get my certificate without completing the training?

No, certificates are only awarded to successful Corps Members who  have completed their training and are certified by their mentors.

Can I be re-assigned to another mentor if the mentor assigned to me by the platform is not functional?

Yes, only if your mentor is found not to be functional after been assigned to you, however re-assigning of mentors usually takes up to 2 or less working days.

Am I supposed to pay for the training?

No, the training is entirely free for serving Corps Members; however you are expected to pay the sum of five hundred N500 Naira for mailing of your certificate to your state of deployment after you have successfully completed your training. Other value added services like order for reference letters, mock tests and interviews ET Al are also accessible.

What is the Corpers Mentorship Platform about?

Corpers Mentorship Platform (CMP) is an Individualized Mentorship Service designed to Engage, Expose and Improve the employability and entrepreneurship skills amongst Nigerian Corps Members within and after their one year of National Youth Service Corps.

What are the benefits of joining the platform?

These include the following:

  1. Enhance and promote employability of Corps Members especially those taking the career path.
  2. Improve the entrepreneurial skills for those taking the entrepreneurship path and make them investment ready after their National Youth Service.
  3. Get Young mentors with proven results in their field of expertise to give back to the nation and contribute to national development by mentoring Corps Members.
  4. Establish professional networking opportunities for Serving Corps Members.
  5. Expose Corps members to job opportunities, Startup grants and scholarships.

Who can join the platform?

Any serving Corps Member in Nigeria.

How does the platform work?

Two simple step and you are in for a life time experience.

Step 1. Sign up as Corps Member.

Step 2. Take the 1 minute self-assessment test and you are in.

Can I switch path, if the path chosen for me after the self-assessment test is not what I want to follow?

Yes, you can, however we strongly recommend you follow the suggested path given to you after your self-assessment test as that is recorded based on your responds.

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