NYSC CAMP OPENS: See the list of Basic things you may need!!!

NYSC CAMP OPENS: See the list of Basic things you may need!!!

Youths obey the clarion call, let us lift our nation high. The time has come for some Nigerian graduates to serve their fatherland and give back to the society.

Thousands of Nigerians look forward to this as they know it is an important phase in their lives. Those who have had the opportunity to serve relish the memories gotten from the experience.

With the scheme organising different events for the corp members that will be in camp, there are certain things Nigerian youths have to be prepared for before they step into the camp.

Some people who have had the opportunity to serve in the past have a few regrets in terms of their preparation.

As bubbling as the mammy market is, some of the things sold there are expensive. In order to avoid spending extra and opting for materials out of choice, it would be better for you to know the basic requirements.

Prospective corp members should also have it in mind that the states they may be posted to may be far from their homes and they may not be able to dash back to pick forgotten items.

The 2016 Batch B stream 11 orientation course activities will begin in a few days. Find below some of the things you need to take to the NYSC orientation:


  1. Student ID card, original and photocopies

This is the basic means of identification. It is important for successful registration at the camp.

  1. Statement of result from the school or certificate

Before going to the camp, endeavor to get your certificate or statement of result from the school as this will be needed during the registration.

  1. Registration certificate

This option is particularly essential for doctors, pharmacist and optometrist.

  1. 6 photocopies of the NYSC call up letter and the original copy itself

This is the main proof that you have been called for service. This document can be printed online or gotten from the schools.

  1. Passport photographs with white background

Recent passport photographs should be taken and kept in handy at all times. About 24 copies would be fine.

  1. Compulsory medical certificate

The NYSC management now expect prospective corp members to come to the camp with a medical certificate from a government or military hospital their showing health status.

  1. NYSC kit that would be provided

This would include the crested shirt, jungle boots, white t-shirts, socks, cap, and the khaki.

  1. Provisions and cereals

Those who would not appreciate the food served in camp will appreciate this. Also, going with your own plate and cups will also be helpful.

  1. Toiletries

While the mammy market will always be opened, you may not get your desired toiletries so be sure to buy yours before going.

Ladies should have their sanitary pads handy along with antiseptics to prevent skin reactions. Bedsheets and pillowcases should also be taken to the camp.

  1. Mosquito net

There are bound to be mosquitoes at the orientation camp; go with a mosquito net that can be tied around the bed when you sleep. This way you can avoid having malaria.

  1. Cash

Depending on how financially buoyant you are, you can take up to N30,000 along in order to have a swell time at the camp. Charging of phones, food and other things may drain you financially.

  1. Torchlight

Due to the situation of things in the country, the power may not be stable. Go to the camp with torchlight or lamp in order to stay safe. Torchlight will become essential for early morning drills.

  1. Waist pouch

This is an essential requirement; valuables like phones, keys, ID cards, money and ATM cards are kept in the waist pouch so that you can move around with them.

  1. Padlocks

Bags should always be locked with padlocks in order to avoid being robbed. Keep your valuables well in order to avoid being stranded.

  1. Pain relief

You can go to the camp with pills that can reduce pain and treat constipation as well as purging

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